Is your domestic water pump system keeping a constant pressure? If you still have pressure regulator valves they need to be maintained on an annual basis. If the water is really bad this may have to be done twice a year. This means the valves will have to be rebuilt and new repair kits installed in the pressure regulating valves and pilot valves. The check valves should be replaced. This service will keep your system running smoothly. When this is done we can check your pumps, motors and controls for proper operation. We need to look at the seal areas and check the motors. If there are pump problems we can repair the pumps and motors in our shop. We will check all fits and clearance. If we find discrepancies we will repair the equipment to restore all clearance. This includes wear rings, seal sleeve and bearing housings. Once the pump and motor are rebuilt, we will reinstall and test. The controls will be checked for proper operation. Pressure will be set for your building requirements.