High Rise Office Building Mechanical Maintenance

Regular mechanical maintenance of internal systems in high rise office buildings is important – it’s almost as important as running the business itself.

Consider this – an employee works hard on the inside of a building, ensuring the businesses’ peak performance. A manager might make progress assessments of employees to ensure that the integrity of work is acceptable and “up to code.” In a similar way, mechanical maintenance ensures the preservation of crucial operational systems inside of high rise office buildings. Your building is important, too. Right?

Too often a business waits until their pumps have problems. No! Very expensive! It’s only then when we realize that routine maintenance would’ve been much cheaper. Don’t wait, we can help.

Did you know we can provide a quarterly check-up of your building? This is a practical analysis of the pumps and valves – they they’re performing effectively and that they’re up to code (important!). Give us a call and we’ll talk about it! (562) 490-2606

Specific Ways We Can Help

So, we’ve already established that routine monitoring of internal building systems is important (and very cost-effective) for your business. Some things we work on:

  • AC units – many high rise office buildings have AC units with a chilled water pump which actually require maintenance. If an AC unit has a chilled water pump that malfunctions the whole facility typically needs to be shut down, impeding progress and the all mighty dollar. Not good!
  • Sewage ejector systems – servicing of sewage ejector systems and storm drain pumps is a small price to pay to upkeep the integrity of a high rise office building.
  • Condenser water pumps – condenser water pumps and central water pumps help in the distribution of an operating system. These pumps have proactive maintenance activities which if performed regularly can actually increase the longevity of an internal system.
  • “On column” pumps – these pumps in particular, for instance, these pumps need their bearings to be periodically greased. This preventative procedure is recommended since its effective in the monitoring of the pumps, making sure they’re not overworked which can cause burn out.

The Pump Repair Specialists of Southern California Provides Mechanic Maintenance

Forming a professional relationship with an expert mechanical maintenance team is vital for high-rise office buildings. We have the ability to fix any pump, and oversee and maintain an internal system of a high-rise office building. We’re the perfect ally for any business and we’re committed to providing expertise and excellence in regards to pump repair and mechanical maintenance.

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