New Installations

Under our Total Machinery Service Concept for new equipment, we will provide:

  • engineering for a complete hydraulic study of the new system
  • specifications for pump and driver and select the best fit for the system
  • our own in-house craftsman for the installation and start-up of all equipment

This “cradle to grave” concept makes for an efficient design project in terms of communication effectiveness.

Our installation can include not only setting and alignment but also the complete foundation work.

Existing Installations

The Total Machinery Service Concept for existing equipment consists of:

  • complete vibration analysis of any rotating equipment
  • complete health monitoring of rotating equipment
  • removal, repair and reinstallation of defective machinery

Since any vibration analysis involves multiple symptoms, we believe that an overhaul by our mechanics, supervised by an engineer who is aware of all possible modes of failure, will result in the most cost effective long term repair.

Overhaul of All Rotating or Reciprocating Machinery

We perform teardown, inspection and overhaul of all types of turbines, gear boxes, pumps, compressors and other reciprocating and rotating equipment.

Field Services

We provide in-field machinists or mechanics on an “as needed” basis.

Consulting for Recurring Problems

We offer a complete engineering study of any machinery problems though to be design related. These include pump cavitation/recirculation problems, short mechanical seal life, or reciprocating valve and packing problems.

Field Alignment

We offer computerized alignment of any size of equipment, for new or old, whether we install it or not.

Our alignment procedures give accurate and timely results rarely found in the industry.

This service includes field milling bases and complete regrouts. We use stainless steel shims that are reusable.

Machine Shop Services

We maintain a well supplied machine shop to supplement our repair service.

In addition, spare parts or any steel fabrication can be provided on an emergency or routine basis.

Some of our shop services include boring of pump and turbine cases, relining or compressor cylinders.

Replacement Parts

Available on an ‘as needed’ bases or overnight service:

  • all makes of turbines, pumps, compressors and gear boxes
  • valve parts, rings, packing, seals and obsolete equipment parts