Now that the rainy season has started you should make sure that your storm drain pumps are working properly. In this post we’ll go over some things you should do prevent storm drain pump failure.

storm drain pump prevention

What You Should Do Before The First Rain Storm Of The Season

  • Check sump for debris.
  • Clean any debris out of sump to prevent damage to pumps.
  • Check the float controls to see if they will work when needed.
  • Megger motors to make sure they are ready to operate.

What You Should Do After The First Rain Storm Of The Season

At the first rain look for debris or silt that may be washed into the sump. Re-clean the sump if necessary. When the pumps are running listen for unusual noises or vibration. If there are any problems call a service representative.

Call Cox Industrial Services at (562) 490-2606 for help with Storm Drain Pump Maintenance and Repair. Cox Industrial Services is able to work with city maintenance an repair teams to prevent unnecessary street flooding during rainy season.